• Shubham Pandey

How EaseMyLearning is helping students get ready for the new age skills & jobs?

Not sure about your career? Read this blog to help you in your career path.

Gone are the days when your academic qualifications were enough to get you your

dream job. In today’s headhunting even graduates have to prove their mettle to be eligible for a good job opportunity. Henceforth, getting an amazing education is a must! but many feel that going to classes and listening to teachers are sometimes boring and expensive. Luckily, we have the internet but it is so hard to find the courses that are high quality, cheap, and easily accessible, and here is where EASEMYLEARNING comes into the picture.


EASEMYLEARNING is an Artificial Intelligence-based skill enhancement platform. It is a fast emerging platform that aspires to provide technical education in futuristic technologies. This platform is aimed at professional adults and students to engage them with the top emerging technologies and with the industrial requirements. It uses a testing mechanism based on Artificial Intelligence which analyses your skillsets in specific domains.

While most platforms provide only the employability test, the EASEMYLEARNING additionally evaluates your scores and provides feedback on your score for self-analysis. Also with your scores, EASEMYLEARNING will provide you personalized content recommendations to fill the skill gaps.

It sounds cool right! Join us!! Don’t be late to grab the opportunity.



Learning at any time and anywhere with a flexible schedule is the most beneficial thing in the EASEMYLEARNING.

2. Unique Learning path to create structured training:

As each student differs from each student in various aspects, our Artificial Intelligence Engine provides personalized learning to students on the basis of their unique strengths and weakness.

3.AI-powered assessment tools

Prepare for your career using our advanced AI-powered assessment tool and get a comprehensive performance report.

4.Mock interview:

The top performers get 1-on-1 Mock interview sessions with industry experts. Get personalized feedback reports based on your interview performance.

5.Connecting to Industries:

We also work alongside industries and based on your performance and skillsets EASEMYLEARNING will help you to identify opportunities in companies that you would not typically approach.


We're excited to share with you that EASEMYLEARNING is providing you a great opportunity to enlighten your future. So what's next, join us by signing in into EASEMYLEARNING and enjoy your learning.


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