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Updated: Aug 24

Whenever I turn on social media I see a lot of Data science posts, certifications, videos, etc,. Do you feel the same? You know why?

Data science is an ever-evolving technology. Data science is not about complicated models, it's not about coding, but it's about using data to extract knowledge, to create an impact on multiple things like data products, product recommendations, etc,

Below are some reasons to learn Data science:

1.Promising Career and Ease of job hunt:

Data science is a promising career. According to Glassdoor, in 2016 Data science was in high demand and the lead continued to 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 as well with good pay, which seems to be a dream job in this era. At these modern times, companies don't risk interpreting data rather than looking for a specialist. Henceforth, 'n' numbers of offers are opened. Don't you believe it? Please go through the websites like freshersworld, glassdoor, freelancer which ensures you about the progress of Data scientist in today's market

2. Increase in pay:

Companies are eager to capture data to derive insights from multiple resources and because of this, companies will not flinch back to pay increased offers for a Data Scientist. If you the one with the good skillset you will keep growing onwards and upwards. A Data scientist's salary in India depends on location, experience, software, and languages utilized for managing data.

3. Various Designations:

If you are looking for Data scientist jobs, there is a list of titles you can apply for - data scientist metric, analysis, specialist, data analytic consultant, big data engineer, etc,.which enables you to apply for different roles at different renowned organizations.

4. Opportunities for Non-techs:

Since Data science is a coalescence of various streams, persons form non-technical background can also move into Data Science. For eg: if you are from the background of Bachelor of statistics, you will know business statistics which is considered to be one of the streams in Data science. So, the role of a Data scientist can also be played by non-techy peoples.

5. Role in business:

The business executors know the value of data, where they are in need to instrument the data with sensors and real-time analytics. Therefore, it is booming technology in the business world. By learning the tools like data monetization, you will be able to come up with some startup ideas. Data science also has a role in increasing the number of customers and serving them efficiently.

I hope this article will find you up with a great passion for your career in Datascience!!!

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