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If you are an engineering student or dream of becoming an IT professional, keeping a track of the current trend and staying up to date is a must.

When it comes to technology, the phrase ‘change is the only constant’ comes true. Technologies are evolving. As it evolves, it qualifies even faster change and progress which hastens the rate of change. It is a survival tactic to keep yourself updated with the ever-evolving technologies as well as the market trends.

According to the change, we have suggested the top five booming technologies for aspiring engineers.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence. The goal of AI is to mimic the human brain and create a system that functions intelligently and independently. The advent of Artificial Intelligence has changed the perfection of technology. It has proven to be the most transformative techy study today. The growth of AI has no boundaries; we can see wider adoption in the upcoming years.

Brands implementing the AI technology:- Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc

Applications of AI:- Health Care, Business, Education, Autonomous vehicle, etc

These days we spend a lot of time looking at screens, smartphones, and television. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two technologies changing the way we use screens, creating exciting and interactive experiences. Virtual reality explores a virtual environment. When a person’s real environment is augmented or supplemented with computer-generated images usually motion tracker that’s augmented reality. These technologies are quickly becoming extremely relevant. Finally showing some promise to this era.

Brands implementing AR and VR:-NEXT/NOW, ZCO, Quytech, COCA-COLA, IKEA

Applications of Ar & VR:-Games, Entertainment, tourism, architects, 3D artists, etc

The next emerging technology is the Internet of Things. It is very popular to make a great profession. Devices like a car, home appliances are connecting to the internet for exchanging the data and you can expect around 30 million devices will be connected by IoT this year. A typical IoT network can grow rapidly, resulting in an exponential increase in the variety, velocity, and overall volume of data.

Brands implementing Internet of Things:-Cisco, Vates, Huawei, SAP IBM, etc

Applications of Internet of things:- Health care, Automobile, Retail companies.......

One of the most emerging technologies is blockchain, it is fundamentally a digital record utilized to record transactions, but this transaction is protected because of its encoded nature. A Blockchain helps in securing your data by encrypting it. Blockchain technology has far-reaching applications estimated to hold the largest market size. It has high compatibility with banking sectors to reduce the cost of ownership.

Brands implementing Blockchain:-Alyx, Pepsico, Havas, IBM, etc.

Applications of Blockchain:- Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Personal Identification......

As everyone knows data science exploded in popularity in recent years and there is a corresponding demand for specialists too. Data Science is related to data mining, big data, data analytics, etc. Some of the methodologies used in Data Science are data extractions, data analysis, data monetization, etc. Companies are eager to capture data to derive insights from multiple resources and because of this, there is a high demand for Data Science. It has been in lead since 2016 and the experts in the field believe that it would continue for upcoming years.

Brands implementing Data Science:-Oracle, SPINS, Mc Donald’s, Spotify, etc.

Applications of Data Science:- Fraud and Risk Detection, Internet search, Speech Recognition, Website Recommendation, etc

So, what's next? Choose your career by getting updated yourself and hold the power to create a global change.

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